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Rolex Moroccan Hash

(10 customer reviews)


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Rolex Moroccan Hash

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420Leafedincannabis founded in spring 2016 is
an online marijuana shops based in the USA.
We have distribution branches in US, Canada,
Europe and the UK. We offer free shipping in Australia and US.


1 g, ¼ oz, ½ oz, 1 oz

10 reviews for Rolex Moroccan Hash

  1. Avatar


    Great hash,similar to something in the olden days that was called blonde Lebanese,a little brittle and hard but gets soft and fluffy with a little heat,nice flavour and kind of expensive since similar stuff at one point was 2 grams for 25.00 maximum. If you like hash give it a try it’s decent for sure.

  2. Avatar


    one of the best old school hash products you have,[ive bought them all except habib Moroccan] buzz is good a 7.5 but taste and texture is an 8.5.. out of stock…….

  3. Avatar


    Top quality old school hash. Very spicey very potent. Just like the blonde lebanese used to get 20 years ago, very reminiscent of that era. Lovely product the real deal amazing this is still being imported from a long ways away.

  4. Avatar


    Très bonne qualité…very good! The best customer service is BMWO. Thanks again guys

  5. Avatar

    nicolas rob

    another great hash i just got this and the trident and will be coming back for more best hash hands down. i have a really high tolerance as i tend to stick to shatter but this hash while mixed with sum AAAAA flower makes for an incredible treat for a seasoned toker thx so much BMWO

  6. Avatar


    Tres bon hash ! Le gout est délicat et doux et le buzz n’est pas trop intense.

  7. Avatar

    deric bro

    The hash itself is harder than what I find most hash to be. Take a lighter to your hash rock very fast, makes the hash peel apart easily.

  8. Avatar


    Absolutely delicious. Taste is incredible and from a seasoned smoker who only buys AAAAA, I got wrecked. Top off a bed of Snowstorm with a few little chunks of this Morrocan in my Volcano….BAM…..best taste I have ever had as a smoker…also, incredibly baked….took 6 tries to spell the word absolutely at the beggining of the post

  9. Avatar


    Amazing that is all I have to say! A great relaxed high. No paranoid feeling. I almost felt like I was walking on water very relaxed. Defiantly buying more.

  10. Avatar

    joke qwqe

    Fantastic taste, great high. Very good product. I also put some of this on a bed of Cookie Wreck and was completely blown away!

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