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420Leafedincannabis founded in spring 2016 is
an online marijuana shops based in the USA.
We have distribution branches in US, Canada,
Europe and the UK. We offer free shipping in Australia and US.

15 reviews for AB-PINACA

  1. Avatar


    Highest quality products, perfect delivery!
    Also lovely marketing, it often makes me laugh (even before testing the products. :

  2. Avatar


    fast and efficient, recommended

  3. Avatar


    great product, service and superb deals ..can’t wait to order again

  4. Avatar


    Fast and good product will use again for sure always fast and friendly..

  5. Avatar


    nice that they still deliver and in business during this period of time. im more than happy to receive my order within an hour. thank you guys!!!!!!

  6. Avatar


    You order online , I like the online shopping feel with fast delivery . Mine arrived with 40 mins , friendly driver and I received exactly what I was expecting

  7. Avatar


    As a first time customer I was weary of ordering online…..but the experience was amazing….super fast answer right away and only a few minutes delivery time out past Lakefield in Douro 😁

  8. Avatar


    had their golden kush as their customer support suggested. buds are dense and taste potent. cant complain with such amazing quality only 110 an ounce. thank you guys

  9. Avatar


    Driver was Super nice service was super fast came within an hour and great tasting stuff and great smoke

  10. Avatar


    customer service on the site is very professional and answer my questions with what i need to know. responding time was fast and delivery was quick. will repeat!!!

  11. Avatar


    Been smoking over 10 years not at connoisseur level but still pretty experienced. Had their Golden Kush yesterday. Delivery was fast and the golden gave me a really good buzz. A big shout out to Kush knight!!!

  12. Avatar


    This site just popped up and it already got my loyalty in the boro. 1 the site has great deal for any broke mans 2 the delivery has been professional and not sketchy 3 they actually answer back compared to some sites that shouldn’t even be on with their customer service!

  13. Avatar


    Price point is excellent and for what I paid it is acceptable but am in happy with the fact that I ordered OG Kush and it doesn’t taste or smell like Kush so that was a let down and only 2 grams into my oz I have found a couple of seeds and again am displeased that it is not what I was hoping for.

  14. Avatar


    amazing service fast delivery. will repeat

  15. Avatar


    nice that they still deliver and in business during this period of time. im more than happy to receive my order within an hour. thank you guys!!!!!!

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